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The Art of Not-Giving-A-Fcuk

Every now and then a person comes along who pisses me off with her art of not-giving-a-fuck.

But let me start this a different way.

Stress can cause long term psychological and physical affections. See this if you don’t know what those are. Stress is the body’s way to prepare us for an imminent dangerous situation. But it’s just too bad our body doesn’t keep up with technological and social trends. They have pretty much started to fool our body, giving it false alarms.

We live in the economy of attention. Daily life has become a serie of disruptions. We give in to these because of our fear of missing out. Facebook and all media is taking advantage of that. We are deluded when thinking we are in control.

This is where the problem rises. Lots of stimuli create lot of stress. Stress is bad for us. We established that. People who can manage it win. Hence people who don’t-give-a-fuck should be our leaders.

See what I did there?

On a more serious note, stress really is a problem and the circumstances I just described are real. So it becomes vital we prioritize what disruptions we give in to.

There are some who have managed to master this intrusive phenomenon.

You might know what I am talking about. You must have met at least once one of those people who:

1. Ignores a phone call or text message under the very justifiable reason of “Naa, not now”. This type person has probably studied the art of not-giving-a-fuck at Sorbonne or something. Just soooo fancy!

2. Take ages to call back, if ever. If the matter was urgent and you ask how come they didn’t answer, they implacably motivate with “I didn’t hear the phone” or “I was busy”, when you know that’s so close to a lie, it’s basically counting its nose hair (the Lie was a person). This type of person should be a politician.

3. Needs a lot of reminders to do something you both agreed on. Basically a deadbeat. I mean, why the hell did you agree in the first place? Social pressure? Just couldn’t say no, could you?! Where are you balls, man? For more details see post no.1.

Truth be told I envy the legerity of these people.

For them not caring is not a luxury. Either out of ignorance or a disguised sense of self-preservation, they choose to focus on themselves and their needs, rather than others’. When we talk about frivolous disruptions, it’s a good thing that some have the ability to ignore them.

The problem, however, is that they don’t sort the information at all. And that makes it a lot harder for the people at the other end of the rope. I cannot imagine you have never been in the situation when you just had to reach somebody and you couldn’t. It can be really infuriating, especially when the matter is urgent.

So while some manage their level of stress by ignoring everything around, even the important notes, the others have to work twice as hard to get their message across. You’ll shrug and say “It’s jungle out there”. No, it’s not. We are civilized people, who take pride in having built civilization by staying together, by listening and helping one another.

Sure, there is a necessity of filtering the information that lands in our lap. But ignoring it completely is not a solution, it’s a cheap way out, a coward approach to a complex problem. What kind of a friend is a person who is not there for you when you are in distress?

So yes, not-giving-a-fuck is an art.

Because art is an excuse for pretty much anything. You see something beautiful, you call it art. You stare into pile of trash in the middle of a room and wonder what the hell, along comes somebody who whispers disapprovingly “that is art, shh”.

September 28, 2017
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