The Complicated Fight Against Abuse

It’s been a while since I wrote. That is because, in the midst of the coronavirus, I chose to shelter this blog of any type of theories. But the time comes when I have to go back to arms.

What’s going on in America and the world, these days, that concerns all of us.

I have a feeling that, as with #metoo, we have reached that tipping point where everybody, everywhere, shouts ‘no more’, ‘enough of this’. I see it in the police, taking a knee to express their support, I see it in the blacks who try to convince their own kind that rioting and looting is not the answer, I see it in my own friends who live in the USA and, as white people, write about how standing together is the most important thing in the world, I see it in brands taking a stance about what is going on (Nike changed their slogan to ‘Just don’t do it’) and many many more.

It is a beautiful way of staying together over many tragedies that have happened in the last years.

So I keep on thinking ‘maybe this time’. But, the more I read about it, the more I realise how complicated everything is. Between various types of social platforms, magazines, people’s opinions, statistics, and incendiary videos showcasing so many facets of this social event, what can we believe? What can we trust?

The way I see it, if I squint, cut down all the noise and unnecessary information, there is a common enemy – abuse done by the people in a position of power.

This abuse has been mostly directed against blacks and this time we should stand for them. Exactly as we stood for all the women who have been raped and sexually mistreated by men in a position of power. Exactly as we will stay for men if sometime in the future we will have an Amazons regime that will mistreat them.

This fight doesn’t have nuances.

It’s not police versus blacks, or whites versus blacks, or older generations versus newer ones. They’d just love us to believe that. They’d love us to be confused and outraged so we can act irrationally, just like headless chickens. Because then our message gets diluted and the fight is lost.

There is one common enemy we have to fight against. Together. That is ABUSE.

It could happen to us all one way or another. We have seen it with #metoo. The question we have to ask ourselves is ‘If that were me, how would I have handled this?’ Ignorance is not an option. Closing our eyes and minds to the abuse has never been the answer.

We need to stand #unitedagainstabuse

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