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The Perfect Woman

Does the perfect one exist? I’ll say it does.

The perfect imperfect is out there.

The one who won’t be always there, but you can bet she will be always having thoughts of you.
That one who steals your blanket every night, but covers you with kisses in the morning.
The one who won’t be always weeping when you’re sad, but she will always laugh with you until you cry.
That one who will disagree with you, but help you get what you might need on time.
The perfect imperfect, the fire that might burn your hands, but also help you forge the rings you both can wear around your fingers.
The one who will destroy the fences you have built so you can see quite far.

So yes, she does exist, and it is not a lie to say it’s hard to find. But she exists and most importantly, she is not far. You need to pay attention and measure twice and cut as many times you need. You’ll need to sacrifice a bit of pride, of course, and blow some expectations, buy some flowers and hold hands.

But this is how you get the one, who is not perfect, but imperfect, the not so charming, not very rich, or young, or fun, whom now you think that you might want. This way you’ll get the raw, the incomplete, the restless and always dreaming one. The one without a plan awaiting for someone like you to  scribble one.

May 30, 2017
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