The Spell Of Susheela Raman

A sweet, melancholic British Indian musician born 21 July 1973 in Hendon, London. It is really hard to introduce this artist and do her justice. The cosmopolitan mix of lyrics and psychedelic rhythm makes it almost impossible to add her to the trip-hop genre — the box is just too small. Most of the times, I think, she has her own genre and I have no name for it.

My first experience with her music happened almost two decades ago in a small public library in Helsingør, Denmark.
When I got the headphones on and pressed play on the library’s CD – I felt like entering another dimension.
At the time I thought that I was familiar with the work of prominent Indian composers and I was already sold to the rich exotic sound of sitar, tabla, and other Asian instruments but Susheela Raman gave another coat of paint to the genre. The album “Salt Rain” was the only one available in 2001 and after listening to my copy on repeat for a week or so I was hungry for more.

Two years later, “Love Trap” arrived. Slightly evolved sound but rich melancholic and sensual. The combination of original Indian sounds and English lyrics is a gateway to a colourful world of poetry.
The latest album “Ghost Gamelan” underlies her flexibility, this time combining her style with authentic Javanese sounds. An interesting collaboration and a sign that the journey along this great artist continues.

I will say no more and leave you with Susheela Raman and one of my favourite songs. Hopefully, she will take you on a trail you never been before. Enjoy!

October 16, 2018
Freedom As A Credo
October 22, 2018
Nobody Needs Tough Women, They Are Hard To Break And Even Harder To Love.