Wagakki Band – A Japanese spirit, made of metal.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve kept this one for myself for a while before sharing it with the rest of the world.
Right before the pandemic started in 2020, I discovered (on YouTube) this amazing group of artists. Perhaps the only band I can recall bringing real swords on the stage (you got to google that, I can’t remember the videoclip).
Wagakki Band, one of the best modern Japanese bands out there comfortable enough to mix modern rock, metal and traditional Japanese music.
I know, sounds like those Asian fusion cuisine kitchens but… just watch the video.
Everything they do feels wrapped up and delivered, as a story. A proper show, sound, lights, choreography, glued together taking the audience on a roller-coaster.
The first time I’ve seen the video, at the very end, I was like… what the f*ck was this? And watched it again (four times).
I will not pretend to have known or remember the names of the traditional instruments they use so I’ll put them down below for personal reference.
Besides the modern kits, they use:
Traditional Japanese “Guitar”: Shamisen
Traditional Japanese Flute: Shakuhachi
Traditional Japanese Zither: Koto

Without further redo, here are my favourite two songs in one video. Enjoy!
焔 (Homura) + 暁ノ糸 (Akatsuki no Ito)