decorations at our wedding

Wedding Deco. For Future Reference.

There has been a lot of talk about the wedding in the last month on this blog, I admit. I promise this will be the last post around the subject.

As you probably know by now, we have gone through a lot of changes when we decided to tie the knot. From a conventional wedding in Bucharest, to a cosy location in the British countryside to Alin’s mum’s garden in Sântana. It was quite some headache and lot of discussions, some heated, some not. We eventually ended up having our dream wedding. Small, relaxed, hand decorated.

So let’s talk about decorations.

Everything looked the way it did because for the better part of the last year we have been collecting unique plates, candlesticks, liquor bottles and photo frames from all charity shops on a 20 km radius from where we live in Kent. And I am not joking. We combined our passion for vintage things and our pleasure to search and discover little treasures with the need for decorations. Eventually, we transported them to Romania by car. It took us two days, some mad packing skills of Alin, but we made it.

The things we bought new.

There are some items that we couldn’t do without. Ribbons, some lamps, the fairy lights, glasses of all kinds, tablecloths and the recipients for the flower decorations, which we crafted out of plain jars, lace, and ribbon.

And that was it. Our wedding in objects. What happened to all of the above?

We decided to keep them all. Why? Because they are simply too beautiful and we are sure sooner or later somebody will come and say ‘Hey, do you still have those things? Can I borrow them? I have this photoshoot / wedding / baptism / event thingy and would need some nice decorations’.

If you believe in uprecycling and in restoring the grace of vintage objects, contact us. Chances are we might help you with what we got.

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