Save the date – 1 September 2018

Oana & Alin are getting married

Sântana • Arad • Romania

We are happy to see you at our wedding! This event will be more of a garden party, a get-together with closest friends and family in Alin’s mom’s back yard.

Dress code

We are fans of comfortable shoes and clothing, no heels, glitter or other fancy pansy. Unless you are a masochist, case in which we’d love to watch you struggle. Point is: feel good.

What’s the plan?

• 6:00 – 7:00 pm — Getting together.
Ideally, you will arrive between 6 and 7 pm. You will have time to get a feeling of the place, have a refreshment.

• 7:00 pm — Ceremony in the garden.
You will witness us trying not to burst into laughter/cry when saying vows of eternal love and bla-bla.

• 7:30 pm onwards — The good stuff.
Food, drinks, dancing, etc. The fun will continue with a campfire and naked dancing in the moonlight until disgrace and remorse will make us go to bed.

In order for everything to run smoothly, we need some details from you. Please complete the fields below in all seriousness. 🙂

Important bit about photography

Because we are not the posing kind of people, we decided not to hire a photographer, but rather rely on friends and family to capture moments from the event. So do not shy away from immortalizing awkward dancing people or other equally weird moments. You can do so with your own mobile phone or using one of the cameras (Polaroid, single-use or digital) you will find at the scene. If you will use your own gear, we will provide you with an online container where you can upload the pictures you have taken.

A big thank you and a hug for your help!

Places to stay

The wedding will take place in Sântana. That is 27km from Arad. There aren’t any official accommodation sites in Sântana, but we are working on a master plan. We should be having some answers soon, so please revisit this webpage in a week’s time.

LE: We found a guy, Mr. Ardeu. He has limited sleeping places in Sântana, and more in Caporal Alexa, 6 km away. We do not have any pictures from the accommodation site, so we cannot guarantee how it looks or feels. What you can do is contact Mr. Ardeu directly (0040 74 697 3172), ask for more information and book yourself.

Alternatively, you can always book an Airbnb or a hotel on Booking in Arad. Do not be worried about getting to Sântana. You can order a cab.

Taxi Europa: 0040 257 275 555
Taxi Verbita: 0040 741 200 300 or 0040 726 336 969

How to get there

By car?

Sântana is located 27km NE of Arad.

Address and contact number:
Strada Muncii Nr. 31
Arad County 317280 Romania
Get directions on Google Maps.


By plane?

If you are coming from abroad, probably Timișoara is the nearest international airport. Second closest is Budapest (Hungary) From both these places, it’s probably easier if you rent a car.

If you are coming from Bucharest, you can also check out flights to Arad airport.

Useful info

That was pretty much it. Thank you for your cooperation! 🙂
If you have any further questions, write us at .
For any emergency, call us at (WhatApp is preferred, we do not use Facebook Messenger):

Cellular and WhatsApp
+44 (0) 7473 135653 – Alin
+44 (0) ‭7454 566293 – Oana