What Is Up?

Life. Life is up.
As you have probably noticed, this year’s posts come a bit rarer. It’s because, as for many others out there, 2019 has been a cheeky year so far. Lots of small fires that needed putting out, lots of things that magically appeared all at once in our lives.

Therefore I feel no remorse for having booked some time off.

Of course, when I did that, last year in September, there was no way I would have known how 2019 will be. But doesn’t matter. The fact is, we will be visiting South-East Asia for a while. This is our honeymoon that I am planning to transform in a way of life. Because why not?!

Our trip in a nutshell.

We are flying to and from Bangkok. We will then visit Cambodia, move on to Vietnam and spend a good chunk of time on a pretty island in the south of Vietnam. After that, the plan is to go up the coast till Hanoi and come back to Bangkok through Laos and Thailand.

What can you expect from us during this time?

Well, the Internet is full of travel tips and tricks, itineraries and reviews of places and foods. So, don’t expect that from Life of Two. Instead, I am planning to let my muse run free. I am sure some places will leave a mark on me/us, I might be writing about that, but not necessarily. What I will do is live this trip. Writing will come naturally as a consequence.

What you will get for sure …

… is photography. Our Instagram will probably be very popular and populated during this time. Also, I think Alin is planning something with his Insta360, which is one of those cameras that take photospheres. I am not a big fan of those, but I have to admit that they do address my curiosity. For example, have you ever seen a gorgeous picture of a person or a place and wondered, what is behind the photographer? What would I actually see if I were there? Insta360 solves that … instantly. So, you might actually like it if you will want to see behind the pretty Instagram scenes and filters.

Is there anything you want to ask us?

Last, but not least, feel free to write to us and ask anything if you do have questions about administrative or logistic things, about non-toxic bug spray or sun lotion that doesn’t hurt the reef.

That being said, I need to start packing. 🙂

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