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What Would I Say to 16 Year Old Me?

Every now and then I take a look at my life and wonder if I’d change anything. I hope don’t sound too smug when I say that I don’t have anything to regret so far, anyway …

There are, however, little things that would have made my life a bit … let’s say easier or simpler, had I known them.
So, from the perspective of 33 years lived, what would I tell 16 year old me?

1. Forget about big boobs! Yours won’t grow anymore. And believe it or not, you’ll find somebody who appreciates them just as they are.

2. Don’t know what you’ll do in life? That’s fine. Try everything once, even if that one time turns into engineering school and then a PhD and then working in the field…

3. No, you are not gay. Some girls are just really beautiful.

4. Black is not just a phase. Black will forever be there in the back of your wardrobe, your makeup drawer.

5. Blue however … that IS just a phase. Get rid of it! Who the hell matches her watch color with makeup, jacket and t-shirt? Oh, that’s right. You!

6. You have a great ass! And it’s not just because that popular kid in high school said so.

7. Do you remember how you tried to impress X in highschool by telling him about that awesome book you read, “The Magus”, and he laughed in your face? And do you also remember how years later he told you he read this supercool book called “The Magus”, not recalling anything at all? Nerd is the new cool of your grown up life. Having been a nerd will help you filter people.

8. Pants and skirts are not mutually exclusive. There is no law saying that if, at times, you look like a tomboy, you can’t really look dashing in a dress or skirt some other times.

9. Even though your taste in music will grow more complex over the years, you will always be a rock chick. Rock simply gets the blood flowing.

And, the most important one …

10. Trust your instinct more than you trust your mother (not that trusting my mother has brought me trouble, but because it would have made my life simpler to trust myself sometimes; I can, of course, not keep track of the times my mom was right, and maybe it’s better for my ego not to have that information.)

September 13, 2017
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