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When You Don’t Say Nothing

If you are wondering about the picture, it’s from Christmas. Should you be kind enough to read point 1 below, you will understand why.

This is a post about nothing. Not because I know nothing, but because I know many things and I have not yet mastered the art of … making my head shut up, so stuff piles up. So, without further ado, this is what a head is thinking at 23:00 on a Wednesday night.

1.   I have not prepared for Easter at all. I don’t like to cook and I don’t feel Easter. We will probably have a long walk in London or have a movie marathon in our pyjamas. We are good at that. So, don’t you Easter me!
2.   Do you know the movie Split? James McAvoy has 23 personalities and he is developing the 24th. It sucked. Pretty much because I have met a girl once. She had 47 or 63 personalities. And they were not retarded like McAvoy. Or aggressive. Will write about it one day.
3.   I haven’t had a decent jog in weeks. There is always tomorrow.
4.   Since James Clavell’s “Shogun”, life is deserted. Tried Rudyard Kipling’s “Kim”, but who the hell is to understand that old English gibberish? I am exhausted and ignorant.
5.   Have visited Arad recently. And Sântana, a small town very high profile for its demeaning treatment of orphans back in communist days. Took some pictures of an old orphanage. Don’t know how to feel about it.
6.   Have I mentioned Easter?
7.   I miss home. Constanța and the Black Sea and summer on the beach and wind in my hair and the no school, no money, no problem attitude from back in the day. You don’t? Do you even have a soul?!
8.   Have you ever despised anyone? I am. Like…right now. It’s exhausting. Don’t do it!

There would be more. But I should stop whining. I will do that because I remembered the chick in “House of Lies” saying “You are a whiny bitch. In fact, you are such a whiny bitch, the whiny bitches look at you and go like ‘Ew, what a whiny bitch!’”.

Before I go, I will leave you with this.

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