Who Lives At The North Pole?

‘Tis that time of the year. Oh, my god, I do not want to hear this anymore. Too many Christmas emails at work! Sorry if this post takes the shape of a diary entry, it is late and I am tired and I am having a slice of fresh bread with Nutella for dinner. Don’t ask.

What this?

As you know, we are digital people. Not particularly proud of it, it’s just a reality. In our many wanderings in the online, we have come across www.north-pole.co Someone, a very wise person, I am guessing, decided to put it up. For the lazy bones out there, the link sends you to a landing page where you can contact Santa. For realz. You can write him and, surprisingly enough, you get a reply. Don’t believe me? Convince yourself!

Somebody with a heightened sense of humour made this and we like it.

Why? Because it’s a nice gesture. I think Christmas is also a lot about being lonely. I can remember the times when nothing went the way I wanted and I just needed a way to vent. This website does that for you. And you don’t just send your words out there, in the internet void. Somebody is actually at the other end and reads. And answers. Don’t be frightened by Rudolph, he is harmless. Was created by Artua and he is there guarding against the spambots.

So you don’t know what to get yourself this time of the year? We do! This Christmas treat yourself with a free therapy session!

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