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Why Cook Anyway?

I started cooking in my late 20’s and I am not really proud of that. I did avoid being in the kitchen for the same reason I avoided other responsibilities at that time. I did not want to go shopping, I did not care for planning a meal with family or friends… there was always someone else thinking of that.

So you don’t like cooking. That is fine, not everyone enjoys being in the kitchen standing with foggy glasses above the stove. For some, preparing food is a pain, for others is a must, for very few is an immense joy. I have my own category and I have no name for it. I don’t get a boner cooking. I don’t do it to show off. I do it as a life discipline exercise and most important, I do it because I love good food.

I am fascinated by the response I get from my brain when great smells get my attention.
Have you ever experienced that perfect bite? The taste you get for very few seconds while chewing something? I did, many times by now.
Sometimes that taste is a simple combination of a piece of toast and a bit of vegetable or animal fat, a hint of a known spice or a mix of unclear herbs. Could be anything but most of the times it is associated with your general mood. Where you are, with whom, why you are there. That very moment is all about you, nobody can ever be there to share that taste, it is one of your most intimate experiences and no, you can’t have a picture of that to share it on Instagram.

When it happens, you sometimes close your eyes and get happy inside, then you try to identify what you actually have in your mouth. It is primitive, it is direct and never fails to amaze. Those moments are so rewarding sometimes that we desperately try to replicate them again and again. I rarely succeed to get two perfect bites from the same dish.

The reason I write about the food we eat since we live together is perhaps to share another intimate dimension of this life of two. Maybe these little stories will inspire some of our readers to get closer to what they eat, to get to know themselves better through their food choice. To know themselves, eat and live better.

December 23, 2016
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