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Work Without Feeling Like You Do It

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

My parents have obsessively repeated that to me when I was in high school.

You see, I was one of those good kids, who liked to learn. Some, meaner people, might say I was a geek. Maybe I was, but I knew how to party. 🙂

I was encouraged to become an architect by my dad. I defied gravity becoming the best aerospace engineer I could be. But man oh man, that was such a drag! My brain was always fried because of the extra effort to do good at my job.

Getting tired and leaning toward depression and alcoholism, I quit, changed the country and turned to … entrepreneurship. It was crazy. But I learned a lot during the two years I tried stuff.

It was during that time I picked up writing again. It had never really dropped it but left it to slide in the background. You know, engineers don’t usually write, they just fix things. Doooh!

It was luck.

Moving to England brought new changes. I met somebody, Alin, who was experienced — and crazy — enough to believe I have what it takes to make a living out of writing. Even with my aerospace engineering background. How lucky was I?

So here I am, a copywriter.

I had several projects at Brandise Studio and I was relieved to see how natural it is for me to do my job, you know, to write. Not knowing what to expect from copywriting was a bit stressful at the beginning.

My latest project.

Yesterday I have concluded another project, this time with Splyt. These guys are working on a mobility platform. So, in the future, if you will want to travel across the globe by using one single app, chances are, they are behind it.

Before Splyt, I had no idea about global mobility, e-hailing, on-demand transportation services, or that autonomous vehicles are – that – close in the future. I am seriously getting old. Working for them meant reading a lot, finding out new things and making content for their website. It all kept me on my feet. Knowledge to me is like blood for Countess Bathory. It keeps me young.

It’s not just the new shiny stuff I learned. It’s also the people. Actually, it’s always the people.

I have worked with startups before. And most of the times they can’t see the forest because their head is so high up their behinds. But these guys … I was shocked to find out that some of them are well younger than me. And yet very professional, focused, driven and talented beyond common sense. It almost made me feel like I could have done better with my life. Almost. But that is already a lot. No, they haven’t paid me to write this. This is all me.

At the end of the day, I realised that I haven’t just earned money, but met cool people and gained insight into an industry I didn’t know so many things about. And all of that didn’t really feel like working at a-l-l.

So work without feeling like you are actually working? It is possible. It sure took me a while to realise it.

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